To fully comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule:

  • Every health care organization must address HIPAA Compliance Training for all members of their staff as it applies to their position in your organization.
  • If you handle protected health information (PHI) you must develop and maintain a HIPAA Compliance Plan which consists of HIPAA policies and procedures.

HIPAA Associates is here to provide:

  • Experienced HIPAA Compliance Consulting for your Compliance Plan.
  • Easy to understand HIPAA online training.

Our consulting staff have years of experience and are certified by the Health Care Compliance Association and the American Health Information Management Association, two of the best recognized compliance organizations.

Our HIPAA training has been recognized as the “Best HIPAA Team Training” program available. We will help you and your organization to understand the key question, “What is HIPAA?”  It will help you understand HIPAA Privacy and Security.

HIPAA Training

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Take a step forward to achieve HIPAA compliance and purchase HIPAA training for yourself and your staff.

HIPAA Compliance
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Learn how you can train your entire staff and stay HIPAA compliant. We are recognized as best in “Team Training” two years in a row.

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Our courses are created for busy practices that want  to follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  Learn how they will help your practice.

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HIPAA Compliance

Policies and Procedures

In a well-designed HIPAA program policies and procedures must be in place to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Policies and Procedures
HIPAA Gap Analysis

Find out if your organization is in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and how to be fully compliant.

HIPAA Gap Analysis
HIPAA Breach Reporting

Has your organization been involved in a breach of protected PHI? Are you aware of the steps necessary to report a breach?

HIPAA Breach Reporting
HIPAA Compliance Assistance

Find out how HIPAA Associates can help you with your HIPAA compliance plan

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HIPAA Compliance Certified

Our healthcare professionals are certified by two of the best recognized associations in healthcare compliance.

Our professionals are certified by the Health Care Compliance Association and the American Health Information Management Association. The staff of HIPAA Associates has extensive HIPAA experience on the HIPAA requirements from their work in the healthcare industry. They have the required legal experience to know the intricacies of HIPAA Compliance.   They have the practical experience to understand how it affects patients and healthcare professionals.

We are the HIPAA experts, healthcare professionals seek for their HIPAA compliance plans, training and breach reporting. HIPAA Associates can simplify your work with our HIPAA compliance consulting services.  We will help jump start your compliance program.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Healthcare Compliance Certified

HIPAA Compliance Services

HIPAA Associates have been in the business of HIPAA Compliance Consulting since the Privacy Rule went into effect. To assist you with HIPAA Compliance we are prepared to help you create your HIPAA Compliance Plans and your HIPAA Policies & Procedures. In addition we can help train your entire staff. Through our HIPAA Compliance Services, we have assisted many large organizations with HIPAA and are prepared to help your organization.

HIPAA Breach Reporting

Do you have a breach to report?

We can help you do it the right way. Get help from the experts in the field. We have assisted many organizations with HIPAA Breach Reporting to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for over 20 years. Our experts are familiar with the requirements necessary to perform a full Breach Report.

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We offer you a free Breach Report Toolkit to get started.

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HIPAA Compliance Consulting & Compliance Plans

Do you have a HIPAA compliance plan with policies and procedures?

If you do, have you recently reviewed your HIPAA compliance plans, policies and procedures? When you engage HIPAA Associates for HIPAA Compliance services we will review and revise your plan to assure compliance with HIPAA Rules and best practices. If you don’t have a HIPAA compliance plan we will draft a plan with policies and procedures that offers complete coverage of the privacy, security and HITECH requirements. Please review our HIPAAA Compliance Plan to get started.

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Why Choose HIPAA Associates

Pioneers in the Field of HIPAA

HIPAA Associates have assisted in the creation of HIPAA programs since 2002. Mary Lopez has nineteen years’ of HIPAA consulting services experience providing HIPAA guidance and practical solutions. Al Lopez has 12 years of experience with HIPAA compliance consulting services and HIPAA training.

They helped create the first HIPAA program at a large multi-hospital institution and since then have helped manage programs for multiple physician organizations and other hospital systems. Today they provide services to hospitals, clinics, providers, and public health departments.

Certified by the Health Care Compliance Association and The American Health Information Management Association.

These are the most recognized healthcare compliance associations in the country.

Training from the Best

Our training has been successfully used in many settings and is easy to follow and understand. We have created our courses to benefit all staff in your organization. Our programs cover all personnel in your organization based on their role in the entity.


Our HIPAA training videos are affordable and come with personalized support. We make ourselves individually available to all organizations or individuals who elect to use our services.

HIPAA Associates uses its unique blend of knowledge and experience

They provide accessible HIPAA training and consulting services to all who must comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Our mission is to make HIPAA training and compliance painless and understandable.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA relates to “The HIPAA Privacy Rule” which established national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other individually identifiable health information (collectively defined as “protected health information”). This is applicable to covered entities such as health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically. In addition this is also applied to business associates who handle protected health information on behalf of covered entities.

Safeguards Protect Privacy

The Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of protected health information. It sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without an individual’s authorization.

Rights Over PHI

HIPAA also gives individuals rights over their protected health information. It gives rights to examine and get access to their PHI, to direct a covered entity to transmit to a third party an electronic copy of their protected health information in an electronic health record, and to request corrections. Much discussion is ongoing related to this important topic.

HIPAA Privacy Rule

HIPAA Compliance Defined

Regulatory compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law. Compliance in health care describes the intent organizations have to take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. HIPAA Compliance deals with the intentions organizations have to follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule in safeguarding protected health information.

To achieve HIPAA Compliance an organization must create a functional HIPAA compliance plan. This includes the implementation of HIPAA documentation such as policies and procedures, completion of HIPAA training with annual updates and the conduction of a Security Risk Analysis. Please go to our section on “What is HIPAA” to learn more.

HIPAA Resources

Learn more about HIPAA and the rules at our HIPAA Resources page available to all covered entities and business associates, free of charge. We cover all the important topics you need to know.

Visit – HIPAA Resources

Through our HIPAA ABCs newsletters we provide additional free online HIPAA training to our colleagues. These newsletters will keep you informed of any new ideas or regulations related to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Visit our HIPAA ABCs page & learn about HIPAA from

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