All covered entity organizations and business associates that handle protected health information (PHI) must follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

HIPAA Policies and Procedures are vital features for any plan that addresses HIPAA compliance and conforms to the Privacy Rule.

Using our HIPAA policies and procedures, we will create a HIPAA compliance plan that meets all the OCR requirements.

Our HIPAA policy and procedure templates are ideal for all organizations whether they are large or small.

We will guide you through the steps needed to create the necessary policies for the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Our HIPAA Policy Templates will make you  HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Policies and Procedures
We have the perfect compliance policy templates for your organization. They contain all the documentation you will need to satisfy the Office for Civil Rights.
Our policy templates are ideal for small organizations with limited support.

Our Policy Templates – Ideal for Small Groups

HIPAA Privacy & Security Policy Templates

We offer HIPAA Privacy & Security Policy templates which are ready to use. They include all the important forms necessary for covered entities.

HIPAA Privacy Policy Templates

HIPAA Privacy Policies

Our Privacy Policy Template is ready to use. It covers all the HIPAA Privacy Policies & Procedures to be compliant with the Privacy Rule.

HIPAA Security Policy Template

HIPAA Security Policies

We offer Security Policies that will help you prepare for Security Rule compliance. They are ready for you to put in place with your organization.

The Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights expects all covered entities to have a compliance plan.


Our Privacy Policies will help you create a plan that meets the requirements of the OCR.

The policies we provide will help you address the following steps required to be HIPAA compliant.

  • Implementing written policies
  • Designating a compliance officer
  • Conducting effective training
  • Develop effective lines of communication
  • Conduct internal monitoring and auditing
  • Responding to detected offenses
  • Enforcing standards of conduct

Our Security Policies incorporate all the necessary steps your organization will need to address what the Security Rule requires:

  • Administrative Safeguards
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards.

Training for your Privacy Officer

We will assist you in training your Privacy Officer. HIPAA Associates includes this in the cost of the policy templates.
  • They will receive compliance or business associate training. This will conform to the requirements of your organization.
  • The privacy officer will also receive HIPAA Security training.

Our Pricing:

HIPAA Policy Templates:

A cost-effective way to create a HIPAA Compliance Plan on a budget. We currently offer free Privacy Officer training when you buy the templates.

  • Privacy Policy Template: $700.00
  • Security Policy Template: $700.00

Train your Privacy Officer:

  • Training is included with the purchase of HIPAA Policy templates.

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HIPAA Plans & Consulting

Consult with HIPAA Associates to create a HIPAA compliance plan that fits your needs.

HIPAA Associates can efficiently help you create a HIPAA Compliance Plan and make it functional to meet the requirements of the Office for Civil Rights.

Customized HIPAA Policies and Procedures

Customized HIPAA Policies and Procedures
We specialize in customized HIPAA Policies created for your organization. We will evaluate your organization and create the best plan for you. We work closely with your Privacy or Security Officer as we create your policies.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights requires security measures to protect ePHI. The Security Rule established security measures that safeguard electronic protected health information. These are part of policies and procedures we provide.

The Privacy Rule also requires safeguards to protect individually identifiable health information. To protect personal information in health records it is important to follow the Rule. HIPAA Policies are important to accomplish this task.

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HIPAA Compliance Services

HIPAA Breach Reporting

HIPAA Data Breaches

We will work closely with clients on the breach analysis. Our analysis will determine if they are dealing with a breach of unsecured PHI. We will help select the information to include in a breach notification letter and in the report to the OCR.

Privacy Complaint Response

At your request, we will assist with a response to HIPAA complaints and investigate any privacy or security matter on your behalf whether from a patient, another individual or the Office for Civil Rights. Most significantly, we have extensive experience in responding to Office for Civil Rights investigative letters and working with them to resolve complaints.

Business Associate Agreements

A covered entity must have a Business Associate Agreement with each organization that accesses PHI on their behalf. This will ensure the Business Associate uses appropriate safeguards to protect the PHI.
Examples of Business Associates include accounting, billing, legal, risk management and IT services.
We can help you identify business associates and provide business associate agreements.

HIPAA Audits

HIPAA Gap Analysis
Organizations must constantly check their program for deficits or bad behavior. A compliance program should provide a risk assessment of potential privacy issues. This helps to meet HIPAA requirements. A HIPAA Gap Analysis will help to track and audit a privacy compliance program.

Become HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Associates have all the tools to make your organization HIPAA Compliant. See what we can do.

Download our HIPAA Compliance Checklist

HIPAA Associates presents their HIPAA Compliance Checklist for 2021.  We believe this will give you a good start on creating your HIPAA Polices & Procedures.


Available to Help You

HIPAA Associates is always available to assist you when questions arise about HIPAA. Most importantly, HIPAA Consulting and advice is the main focus of our organization. We would be happy to discuss how we can help with your program.

HIPAA Associates is prepared to assist you in creating a thorough HIPAA Compliance Plan.