A HIPAA Compliance Training program is important for all members of the workforce who work with Protected Health Information. It is essential for every healthcare provider, covered entity and business associate to fully understand the HIPAA Privacy Rule and HIPAA Compliance.

Our HIPAA and Privacy Act Training is easy to take and covers all the important aspects of the “HIPAA Rule.”

Our HIPAA online training program was created specifically for busy healthcare providers who must be familiar with HIPAA.

In addition we provide free HIPAA training through our HIPAA ABCs newsletter.

Our programs are recognized as an ideal HIPAA training for employees by “The Balance Small Business”.

The HIPAA Compliance Training program was created especially for all individuals who work with protected health information (PHI) while providing healthcare services.

The training is ideal for the following:

Nurses, doctors, medical students, physical therapists, medical office staff, dentists, massage therapists, chiropractors, durable medical equipment providers. Essentially anyone who has access to protected health information.

Online HIPAA Compliance Training

Our “Online HIPAA Training” covers all the important topics necessary for a busy provider to understand the HIPAA Privacy Rule. It is easy for anyone to take directly from our online platform.

Take your HIPAA Compliance Training Now

  • This course will describe the HIPAA regulations and explain why they are important.
  • There will be case scenarios to help you understand how it affects you in your workplace.
  • The course may be taken at home at your own pace.
  • Created with healthcare workers in mind.
  • May take it for up to 90 days.
  • A certificate will be available immediately upon completion.
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HIPAA Online Training Course

  • Completion time under 1.5 hrs
  • Take online at your own pace
  • Available for 90 days
  • Multiple retakes
  • Guaranteed certificate of completion

The Topics Covered

  • Understand the importance of HIPAA
  • Individual’s HIPAA rights
  • Organizations’ responsibilities
  • Permissible uses and disclosures
  • HIPAA and state laws
  • Test after each section
  • Certificate of completion
HIPAA Compliance Training

Our HIPAA Compliance Training program will help you and your organization understand all the key features of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. It is designed for all healthcare providers who manage protected health information and is available to be taken online.

Courses available at $29.95

HIPAA Compliance Training

Our HIPAA Compliance training will help you understand the importance of HIPAA.  It discusses the individual’s HIPAA rights and an organization’s responsibilities. It identifies the permissible uses and disclosures of health information.

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Training Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Immediately Available
  • Valid for 2 Years
HIPAA Trained HIPAA Associates

HIPAA Certification & the OCR

We understand HIPAA Certification and the Office for Civil Rights.  Allow us to give you the guidance you need.

Other HIPAA Online Training 

Training for Health Information Management

The HIM program was created for Health Information Management professionals who work with protected health information.

Compliance Training for IT Professionals

The HIPAA for IT Professionals training was created for IT professionals who work with protected health information (PHI).

Compliance Training for Business Associates

The HIPAA for Business Associate training is for those who handle PHI on behalf of a covered entity.

HIPAA Compliance Training -Spanish

HIPAA Compliance Training was created for Spanish speaking individuals who work with protected health information (PHI).

HIPAA IT Business Associates

Geared for Information Technology professionals working as Business Associates. Two extended programs combined. 

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How can I get trained in HIPAA?

We are prepared to offer you all the material you need to understand the basics in HIPAA using our convenient online program which you can take from your home on a computer, Ipad or phone. In less than one hour and a half you can complete a course. You will receive a certificate on completion.