Has your organization grown such, that you are now looking for your own branding and presence on the web or on your intranet site? Do you want training that is branded for your organization? Do you have specific requirements for your compliance plan that must be addressed in your training program? You may be interested in Customized HIPAA training? Our training is practical and easy to complete on our educational platform.

Is your organization prepared for HIPAA? Do you have HIPAA Privacy Policies? If you do, have you recently reviewed your policies and procedures? We can help you with your HIPAA program and compliance plans.

Creating a Program

HIPAA Associates is prepared to work with you to create your own customized HIPAA training program and plans using your own branding and incorporating all of the rules and regulations that make your practice unique. We will work directly with your Privacy Officer to create a plan that works for you. We will also help create a training program suited for the Privacy Rule and your own situation. These plans may be used on our own educational program or on your own website or intranet.

Covered entities must create plans that include policies and guidelines that help safeguard the Protected Health Information (PHI) which the organization handles. This includes all forms of PHI which is either written, verbal or electronic. All covered entity organizations that handle protected health information (PHI) must follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

HIPAA Compliance Training

The covered entity must implement a training plan that trains workforce members on the requirements and policies that apply to them in their individual roles. The training program must train all workforce members upon employment on HIPAA policies and procedures. It must also train personnel on a regular basis thereafter.

We observe the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) guidance as it pertains to HIPAA Certification. We will provide a Certificate of Completion for those that complete a training course. It is important to note, the OCR does not endorse any private consultants’ or education providers claims and does not certify any persons or products as “HIPAA compliant.

Our team can create a compliance training program specially for you with all the necessary material to satisfy the Office for Civil Rights and the requirements of your organization. The program can be created with your specific branding in mind. At your request we can add additional dialogue directly from your Privacy Officer.

Customized HIPAA Training

We can work with you to install the training program on our own educational platform, or if you wish, on your website or your intranet. This can all be accomplished with the input of your Privacy – Security Officer.

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HIPAA Associates Will Help

Our professionals will assist you with all of these important policies and procedures.  HIPAA Associates develops and consults on HIPAA compliance plans that include HIPAA privacy and security, policies and procedures and breach reporting requirements in compliance with the HIPAA Rules. Of great importance, HIPAA Associates is always available to assist you when questions arise regarding the HIPAA Rule. HIPAA consulting is the main focus of our organization.  We would be happy to discuss with you how we can help with your customized HIPAA training and plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we need a HIPAA Compliance Plan?

Any covered entity that handles protected health information (PHI) must be prepared to protect that information.  This is done by creating and implementing a HIPAA compliance plan with policies and procedures to safeguard PHI.  The plan will outline the steps you will have to take in the event of a breach.  This will ensure that all workforce members are properly trained on how to handle PHI in all its forms.
HIPAA Associates is prepared to create the perfect compliance plan for your organization that has all the necessary policies, procedures and training you will need to keep your PHI safe.

How do I handle a breach?

It is important to follow all the steps to report a breach to the OCR.??Every breach is different and must be handled on a case by case basis.??A full breach analysis must be performed to determine if there was an impermissible use or disclosure that compromises the security of protected health information.

Factors to be resolved are:
1. The nature and extent of the breach including identifiers
2. The unauthorized person to whom disclosure is made
3. Whether the PHI was acquired or viewed
4. The extent to which the risk to PHI has been mitigated.

HIPAA Associates can help your organization through this process to ensure you follow all the important steps.