Contact us for help with your group training. Using our Smart Group Training, HIPAA Associates will assist with all aspects of training to make it easy for you and your staff.

When you enlist our services we will do the following:

  • Enroll your staff
  • Monitor the completion of your training program
  • Keep your Privacy Officer informed with frequent reports
  • Provide copies of the certificates of completion
  • Notify your Privacy Officer in the future of updates in HIPAA that may require additional training for your group
Smart group training
HIPAA Personnel

Help us serve you better. Please answer the following questions:

Are you a Covered Entity?

  • Covered entities are healthcare providers, health plans and healthcare clearing houses.

Are you a Business Associate?

  • Business associates assist covered entities. They are usually consultants, attorneys or accountants.

Are there IT professionals in your organization?

Do you have Health Information Management staff?

We are also available through our compliance center telephone. Call us and leave a message. We will call you back. Telephone: 513 399-6428