HIPAA Assistance For Your Organization

HIPAA Associates has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your needs.  We will personally work with you to resolve your HIPAA concerns. HIPAA Associates uses its unique blend of knowledge and experience to provide accessible HIPAA training and consulting services to all who must comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

We are professionals with a background in nursing, medicine, and compliance. Our staff is certified by the Health Care Compliance Association and The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the most recognized healthcare compliance associations in the country.  We have provided HIPAA services since 2002. 

As people who’ve worked on both sides of HIPAA – as care givers and compliance officers – we are well positioned to create individualized programs to fit your needs. Both large multi-hospital organizations and smaller companies seek our services, and since the advent of HIPAA we’ve trained thousands of healthcare providers in person or through our web-based platform. Our mission is to make HIPAA training and compliance painless and understandable.

HIPAA Associates can help you address the complex world of HIPAA

The Staff of HIPAA Associates

Mary Lopez Presiden HIPAA Associates

Mary J Lopez JD, CHP, CHC

Mary Lopez is formerly a nurse and now an attorney and the principal at HIPAA Associates consulting with a wide range of national healthcare clients. At present Ms. Lopez leads the HIPAA Associates Team and advises clients on HIPAA privacy and security issues. In addition she creates compliance plans and educational programs.

Most important of all she understands the issues after serving as Chief Privacy Officer for several integrated health care systems for over a decade implementing and overseeing HIPAA compliance programs. In addition, Ms. Lopez is certified in Healthcare Privacy and Healthcare Compliance and is a regular speaker on HIPAA compliance. Finally Ms. Lopez is admitted to the bar in Ohio and is a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association, and the American Health Lawyers Association.

Al Lopez Vice President


Al Lopez is the chief operations officer for HIPAA Associates. Dr. Lopez has passed board certification in internal medicine, pulmonary, and anesthesia and holds a degree as a medical coding specialist. Furthermore, he is an experienced Compliance Director and Privacy Officer. Moreover, he has experience dealing with HIPAA issues in the clinical setting, HIPAA security and operational issues. He has been part of the HIPAA Associates team for over 10 years. In addition, Dr. Lopez is certified in Healthcare Compliance and has held various leadership roles within the medical staff and private practice.

Phil Stinson from Intec IT

Phil Stinson, Intec Solutions

Phil Stinson is the Owner / CEO of Intec Solutions and is pleased to partner with the HIPAA Associates team to bring IT Risk Analysis & Technical Audit services to their already robust HIPAA Compliance Offering. Of great significance, Phil used his expertise in Application Development, Network Infrastructure Management, and Enterprise Consulting to establish Intec Solutions as a full service Information Technology outsourcing company in 1997. Most important of all he has spent the last 20 years delivering Enterprise level Managed IT & HIPAA Compliance solutions to healthcare and related organizations. Contact Phil Stinson directly at Intec Solutions for help with your Technical Safeguards. Finally, Phil is the most recent addition to the HIPAA Associates team.

Special Certifications for HIPAA Associates

Healthcare Compliance Certified

Our professionals have certifications in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) from the Health Care Compliance Association and Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHP) from the American Health Information Management Association.  These are organizations who have set the standards in healthcare compliance.  These certifications are obtained by rigorous study and proof of in-depth knowledge of the subject.

HIPAA Associates is proud to announce it has been designated a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) by the City of Cincinnati. We are committed to provide with you with the best HIPAA training available from professionals with over 19 years’ experience in the field of HIPAA.

HIPAA Associates Can Help

HIPAA Policies

HIPAA Rules.  What do they mean?  We will help you understand

HIPAA Gap Analysis/HIPAA Audit

Assess your program for risk areas in order to identify and correct problems.

Breach Reporting

Get help with investigation, analysis, individual notification and Office for Civil Rights reporting

HIPAA Compliance Training

Training for individuals and groups.  Online and virtual.