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HIPAA Associates is pleased to offer our patrons compliance resources which you may find helpful in your practice.  

Please follow the links below for valuable HIPAA resources of use to Covered Entities and Business Associates.

Our introduction to HIPAA will give you the important background information you need to begin to understand the key concepts of the Privacy Rule.

What is HIPAA

This HIPAA Compliance Checklist will give you the information you need to begin to prepare for HIPAA Compliance in your organization.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

The Right to Access PHI is a very important topic today which your organization should understand and address.

Access to PHI

It is important for all Covered Entities and Business Associates to understand how to safely use and disclose PHI.

Permitted Uses & Disclosures of PHI

Learn how you can safely text message with patients and providers

Texting PHI

All entities who deal with ePHI must understand how to use Technical Safeguards to protect PHI

Safeguards Protect PHI

All entities who deal with PHI must know how breaches can be presented and how to deal with them if they do take place.

Breaches of PHI

Organizations today will need to know how COVID has affected the use of PHI and how HIPAA addresses this.



Our HIPAA ABCs will help you understand HIPAA from

A to Z

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