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Covered entities and business associates use technical safeguards to protect electronic protected health information under the HIPAA Security Rule. These are part of every complete HIPAA compliance plan.

Security Risk Analysis

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What is the difference between a HIPAA Gap Analysis and a HIPAA Risk Analysis? Many organizations use these interchangeably, however, they are not correct in doing so. Don't make the same mistake. We can help you understand the difference.

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Reasonable Safeguards for PHI

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Reasonable Safeguards for PHI are precautions that a prudent person must take to prevent a disclosure of Protected Health Information. To protect all forms of PHI: verbal, paper, and electronic, provides must apply these safeguards.

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Using Cybersecurity to Protect PHI

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HIPAA Technical Safeguards protect PHI and are a major part of any HIPAA Security program. Using cybersecurity to protect EPHI is a key feature of HIPAA. Technical safeguards are key protections that help to maintain the safety of EPHI as the internet changes.

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Texting Protected Health Information Safely

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The Office for Civil Rights or OCR with HIPAA oversight has not produced the long-awaited guidance on texting protected health information. Finally, at a Health Information Management Conference in March the OCR director said healthcare providers could text message their patients with PHI.

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